Friday, September 10, 2010

Give Your Best: CSC Tells Government Workers

As the Philippines celebrates the 110th anniversary of the Philippine Civil Services this September, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Field Office in Kalibo headed by Director Evelyn N. Ejar called on Aklanon civil servants to give their best when rendering services to the public.

Ejar said people going to government offices for services and assistance are the reasons why government offices exist in the first place, so they should be extended utmost respect and courtesy all the time.

"When we have extended them the needed services and they leave our offices with happy faces, this means they were satisfied with our service. But when they leave with heavy faces swearing never to come back to us, we have not done well enough" Ejar told the Aklanons.

Ejar appealed to civil servants to "show, in little and big ways that people working in the government are worthy of the privilege they enjoy as government workers, as many others are eager to work in the government and if we do not love our jobs, others are much willing to replace them".

Meanwhile, to celebrate the Philippine Civil Service" 110th year of existence, the Council of Personnel Officers (CPO) in Kalibo formed under the auspices of CSC-Aklan has lined up several activities.

These include the simultaneous flag-raising ceremonies in government offices and local government units on September 6; Thanksgiving Mass on Sept. 14, Bloodletting/Mobile Blood Donation on September 14 through the CPO and the Philippine National Police in coordination with the Philippine National Red Cross and feeding of beneficiaries of STAC-Kalibo.

For the celebration, the CSC website has a video of President Benigno Aquino III with a short message for government workers, according to Ejar.

Government agencies are also enjoined to hang streamers. This year, the theme of the celebration focuses on Advancing Responsive, Accessible, Courteous and Effective Public Service. (Venus G. Villanueva) /MP

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