Tuesday, January 10, 2012

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Ambrosio R. Villorente

Will Bridge Frustrate Madalagnons’ Dream?

Hon. Rodson F. Mayor of the Aklan Sangguniang Panlala-wigan has authored and sponsored “An Ordinance Naming The 200 Meter (long) Bridge Linking Madalag To Banga In Honor of the Late Commissioner Razon Tumbocon Haresco in the Province of Aklan To Be Known as Commissioner Razon Tumbocon Haresco Guadalupe Bridge”. Hon. Jean O. Rodriguez is the co-sponsor.

The proposed provincial ordinance is approved in the Sangguniang Panlala-wigan. It was finalized and sent to the office of the Provincial Governor of Aklan for final approval.

The late Com. Razon Tumbocon Haresco served as Commissioner of the Philippine Tariff Commission with honors and dignity from 1965 to 1974.

In recognition of her faithful, honest and dedicated government service, Ms. Haresco was appointed consultant by Senator Vicente Paterno where she served for seven years in 1998 – 1995. Hence, her unblemished record gave honors to her fellow Aklanons.

Ms. Haresco is the mother of Party List Kasangga Congressman Rep. Teodorico T. Haresco, Jr.

According to the Ordinance, the Construction of the said bridge is the realization of the long standing dream of the people of Madalag: to connect their town to Banga. With this 200 meters bridge connecting Banga to Madalag, their dream will soon be realized. And this is through the effort of…Cong. Teodorico Tumbocon Haresco, Jr. under the “President’s Bridge Program”.

The Madalag – Banga bridge is the longest among the 30 bridges allocated to Aklan. The social and economic benefits the bridge construction that links Madalag to Banga cannot be quantified.

Hence, the naming of the said bridge to “Com. Razon Tumbocon Haresco – Guadalupe Bridge” will highly honor Cong. Haresco’s mother. Moreover, it will show great appreciation to Cong. Haresco for all the projects he initiated and being implemented in Aklan that benefit the Aklanons.

However, the said bridge is not yet complete, not passable. The 200 linear meter bridge has not reached yet the other river bank, the Madalag side. There is a need to extend the construction to about 150 meters more to connect to the other river bank. Madalag side to make it functional.

If nothing is done with the bridge as it is now, it will be a great frustration among the Madalagnons. They will have a broken dream. Moreover, it will remain a monument of incompetence of our engineers and leaders. It will stay a monument until the said bridge is extended in order to reach the other river bank in the Madalag side and made functional.

Perhaps, the governor can postpone his approval of the said proposed ordinance or if already signed, withhold the release of the ordinance to the public and delay the ceremonial program naming the said bridge to Com. Razon Tumbocon Haresco – Guadalupe Bridge. It will be a big embarrassment to officially name it at this time.

However, if allowed to stay as is, it will serve as one of Aklan’s tourists destinations and attractions.

A similar bridge situated in Avignon, France is existing which is the subject of visits by both local and foreign visitors.

Avignon is about 800 kilometers away south of Paris. /MP


Anonymous said...

I salute the Madyaas Pen for continuing to report what is only the truth and for not giving in to any political pressures. God bless your publication and God bless us all Aklanons.

Anonymous said...

Hindi na ba uso ang malinis na pagsiserbisyo sa ating lugar?

Nakakakilala pa ba ang mga taong ito ng tinatawag na delikadesa?

Pera lang ba ang katumbas ng isang magandang pagkatao?

Talaga bang mga manhid at walang pakialam din ang mga kababayan natin dahil sa patuloy nilang pagpapabili at pagpapaloko sa mga taong ito?