Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kalibo SB To Purchase Breath Analyzers

Kalibo, Aklan - With the increasing number of vehicular accidents in the municipality of Kalibo caused by drunkards driven vehicles, Kalibo Sangguniang Bayan approved a resolution recently requesting for financial assistance for the purchase of Breath Analyzers, the Aklan Sangguniang Panlalawigan through Hon. Selwyn Ibarreta.

Breath Analyzer is a device used for the testing and measuring the Blood Alcohol Content in an individual’s body, by way of breath sample. This can help the town’s traffic enforcers monitor motorists that drive under the influence of liquor.

The resolution states that as per record of the Department Of Health’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, road accidents remain the major cause of injuries among Filipinos attributed among others, to driving under the influence of liquor. While the World Health Organization (WHO) showed that alcohol intake, depending on the level of intoxication, often increases the likelihood of accidents due to poor judgment and decreased reaction time, among other effects.

Thus, Kalibo Sang-guniang Bayan, as it notes the need especially during the forthcoming 2012 Kalibo Sto. Niño Ati-Atihan Festival, approved the said resolution. (by Ron Bautista) /MP

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