Sunday, January 01, 2012

Tambak’s Enormous Damage

The seawall along Tambak, New Washington is rendered useless after big waves and strong current continuously splashed against it.

This picture above shows how nature retaliates against the improper use of our gifts of God. For one thing, DPWH constructed two bridges in the Mabilo - Tambak area which totally blocked the free passage of water from the sea during high tide and from the Lagatik River during low tide and heavy rain.

This is a part of the seawall in Tambak. Take note of the concrete posts locally fabricated which maybe used in the repair of seawall that broke easily as it was constructed with the use of sand and gravel with insufficient cement as binder. There is no steel bar which might have held the seawall for a longer time against big waves. I noticed at the left side of the road were some 18 workers, about half of them were sitting while others are working to construct these cement posts. When I came out of the vehicle with my camera, they stood up and started working.

This is the left side of the Jaime Cardinal Sin road facing Kalibo. Take note of the wide eroded area which needs immediate filling to stop further damage. Not shown however, under the shade were three men sitting down. Maybe they are construction workers. I told them they will complete road repair if they continue sitting. They stood up.

Text and photo by AMBROSIO R. VILLORENTE

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan, during its special session held on December 28, approved a Resolution Declaring The Province of Aklan as Calamity Area and Authorizing Provincial Governor Carlito S. Marquez to re-allign 70 percent of the calamity fund. Hon. Nemesio P. Neron authored and sponsored the said resolution.

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan prompted to approve the said resolution because of the rapid soil erosion taking place along the river banks of the Aklan River particularly in barangays Polo, Sigcay, and Taba-ao in Banga. The erosion if not stopped will damage portions of the Banga - Libacao provincial road in the Polo, Sigcay and Taba-ao. In Polo, about 10 meters long of the road is closed to traffic as it might collapse anytime. The water entrance of the Aklan River Irrigation System in Sigcay will also break if the present rate of erosion will continue as some residential houses and coconut trees have already been damaged.

In Tambak and other barangays in New Washington, several families are rendered homeless because of flash floods brought about by continuous rain in the third week of December. The seawall of more than one kilometer in barangay Tambak is pulverized by strong and big waves that continuously splashed against the seawall constructed of sand, gravel, and big stones with the use of insufficient cement as binder. There was also no steel bars to help the seawall withstand against the strenght of nature.

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